Facts Fae Fife: NATS Swanwick & Prestwick numbers for today...


What does Fae Fife mean?

I’m from Fife in Scotland. It means “From Fife”.

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I gotta say, Nats are probably the best ATC authority in the world, their website is very informative, they publish complete charts for airports free no questions asked, and they handle the world’s busiest airspace very well.

I live near East Mids ;)


@IceBlue… NATS… Publish a Link friendo, We have a thirst for learning ! An overview of the U.K. ATC System and it’s relationship to the. Continent would go down as well as well. Regards, Max

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The blog, about and discover sections are of particular interest ;)

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Yes sir!

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@Flyfifer… Added the link to my IF Flight Bag! Thanks & Regards, Max


Nice. Your bag must be HUGE!

Cheers Fly


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