Facts About Every US Airline

Yep called it lol

Haha it do b tho

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Tell Wikipedia, don’t shoot the messenger lol 😂😂😬

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Nice thread, looks like it took lots of effort. Also, you should consider adding Hawaiian Airlines eventually

I have to have time in my day lol. I’ll do it sometime

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What about regional airlines (sky west airlines, republic airlines) would it be easier or the same

It would be easier probably because there is only one class of service, economy.

Great read! Just wish that you would tag me so I don’t see it 6 days later lol

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I spent so much time on this!

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So did I. I didn’t want all my hard work to get closed 😂

Great stuff! If you’re looking for one that may be short and easy to do, consider the newly-revived Eastern Airlines

Holy 🦀 this was a fun read! 737 southwest planes is quite coincidental haha! or is it not.

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Now I know why Delta chose N391DN to be the Thank You livery!

Just an FYI, Regional Airlines do have have FC

You evil. :(