Facts About Every US Airline

Yeah AA was the first US airline to have them regularly
Now they aren’t 😔


I fell like I just stirred up a lot of controversy

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Low Cost Carrier Army Arrives

JetBlue does offer the best economy though


@CaptainZac is the fleet with or with the grounded aircraft?


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This is their full fleet with the grounded planes

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Yes, yes they do, And I will show my opinion even after I said

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Not the best, but it helps… me getting fired

Thanks. I really didn’t have the time to do this. It has literally taken me 3-4 hours. What have I done with my live 😢😂

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I’m not doing sun country or Hawaiian, use wikipedia for that lol (even tho they are still a thing)

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Wow that’s sad. Jk
The islands have been ignored

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Yeah, for u lol

Me iz not dum. I know about other airlines lol

I think the Wiki’s codeshare partners are all over the place.

JetBlue and American technically aren’t codeshare partners yet. They’re still going through government approval.

United’s wiki is missing Vistara and possibly Olympic Airlines.

Delta is missing Shanghai Airlines https://pro.delta.com/content/agency/us/en/agent-resources/partner-information/codeshare-partners.html

Alaska Airlines is missing Singapore Airlines

American technically offers Premium Economy as a separate class on domestic DFW to OGG/HNL

Uz have big brain
please read this, it’s important

I know what SunCountry is 😂

Please read it, there’s a really important thing, trust me

There is also Hawaiian Airlines, that’s a great one.

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I mean technically it’s on all non regional aircraft.

I don’t like you 😑 jk

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Don’t request it it’ll be a Rickroll lol

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