Factory to Alaska trip #1!

With the X-Cub finally here, it’s time take the new plane around the Pacific Northwest!

I picked up the X-Cub from the factory at KYKM. From there I flew over Snoqualmie for KRNT! My final destination is going be PASO!

Here’s trip One!

I topped the tanks, put my accurate weight as PIC and 50lbs of cargo. In real life I carry about 45 lbs of survival gear.

The weather above the pass was smooth, it did get a little bumpy but it was very little, if you weren’t paying attention you couldn’t tell

Partial Mt rainier from the XCub!

About 10nm our from Renton Airport! I began descending and getting set up for my final, winds were 4knots overcast at 1700ft.

Made it around 0920ish local, just in time for breakfast and coffee! Next stop off to Canada!


Beautiful pics! Great! 👍🏻😃

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