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i wonder how much a factory reset can help my tablet hundles IF better?! Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE. Android 6.0.1

the app crashed 4 times today! at first it was mid flight at cruise, the second time was just after leveling at cruise level, i uninstalled the app and switched off my device went to sleep and wake up 8 hours later switched on the device re-install IF went to settings set my usual setting went to online section and aircraft selection screen the app crashed! i switched on the app again and it crashed as i get to the menu again,.

this is the first time the app crashes like this for me, so i wonder how much a factory reset can help?! i just did a soft reset and i wanna do a full factory reset later, note i already know all the other procedures like lowering graphic settings/limit frame rate/brightness/low power mode etc,…

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A factory reset might help. It’s not guaranteed though. However, as the factory reset will delete absolutely everything including some garbage files that only use memory etc, as well as some unused processes from unused apps, there is a chance that it will improve the IF quality. Make sure to safe all your important data before though.

Before you do the reset though, let’s wait for some other answers. I don’t know Samsung Tablets enough so maybe someone else might have a better idea. 😊

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i don’t have anything to backup since this tablet is my secondary device which i only use to play IF and watch videos it doesn’t have any important data,. so i am not worried about losing the data., its old and belongs to my older brother who gave it to me and i think my brother haven’t reset the device at all,.

even when IF is deleted and there’s no app working in the background the ram status shows that its taking 1.35gb ram out of 2.70gb and i don’t know what is taking all that ram because i don’t have any app running in the background,.

Your device starts using RAM as soon as it boots. That total you see is before the device is turned on.

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