Factory Fresh Meets the Fossil - Stormy Boeing Spotting at KBFI

Hello, IFC,

First of all, I would like to apologize. These photos were taken in the wind and rain, so I moved and some are blurry. Secondly, my camera had a problem midway, so I had to switch. Finally, the first picture had an issue with AWB, so it is very bad. I would like to apologize for the low quality pictures in this topic, I promise it will never happen again. I would just like to share these as they are my first time spotting the 777X by day and 727!

I recently went to Boeing Field (KBFI) to do some planespotting!

I was able to get a brand new 777X and a 727 landing!

Here are the pics!

The 777X on final, then touching down on runway 14R. I don’t know why, but on the first one, my AWB went brrr…

Here it is with the powerful engines reverse thrusting, while the tail imitates a skyscraper.
I don’t think you can make more Seattle-ey than this! Rain, plane, forest and city!

I was able to snap the moment when the “sun” lit up one if the cockpit windows :D

The wild 777X spotted a photographer. It now goes face to face with it, attempting to intimidate it.

Some beacon action!

This is when my good camera has a focus problem, so I have to switch to my alternative…

Here comes an old 727, N727US!

It was my first time spotting a flying 727, and the engines really do make high pitched demonic screeches!


That was buttern’t
This is my second time trying to pan… please don’t get mad…

And finally, the 727 reverse thrusting down the runway.

Thank you!

Once again, my apologies.

Have a nice day!



…And here is a friendly airport worker!


the sehven sehven sehven ex is fireeeeeee


Aww thank you!

It really is nice to hear those engines roar during reverse thrust!

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Oooo an American 727!
Oh yeah and that 777X


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Lol didn’t even realize that I spotted 2 727s today!

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I had no idea the 777X retracted it’s wingtips after landing
Or is that just what they did for that flight

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No, it retracts them during reverse thrust!

Just quite slow to retract

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This is a stunner! It’s a shame the sun wasn’t out for it tho :(

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Wow that’s crazy! I thought it was only if the gate was smaller than what the plane needed

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mohawk intensifies

Lol jokes aside these are EPIC!


Thank you so much!

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BTW I also took this and put it in the JP screening process but does anyone know if it’s going to be accepted? Or how I can make it better?

(Looks grainy because it was resized for JP size standards)

Fixed the first one so it actually looks similar to the rest:

No need to thank me.

Awesome photos! The winglets on the 77X are really cool. But I can’t take my eyes off those two 727’s, it’s lucky to see one 727, but seeing two is just incredible!

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OMG Thank y…

no it’s a horrible edit thanks for nothing >:(

jkjk good job!

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Lol, thank you!

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Wow! Really, really good pics! My fav is 5 🤩

Also does anyone know what this is and what isn’t it for?


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I think it’s for aerodynamic tests, as it is also on 737MAXs

Thanks for the compliment :)

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Wow, great shots! I can’t wait to seethe 777X for myself … in the mean time I guess I’ll just keep staring at your amazing photos!

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