FACT Today

So, today considering the hotspot was, FACT or Cape Town, I decided I would join in on the fun. The first picture is of me getting a pretty smooth takeoff, the second is mid flight, and the last picture of me making the touchdown which was surprisingly smoothimage image image image for accidentally going 240kts while touching down, I couldn’t slow it down.

This flight was on Expert Servers, I’m grade 3 and almost 4. The time of me loading into the airport, FACT, was 1853 ZULU time and time of touch down was 1932 ZULU time. The route I took was rather short, it was from FACT to FALW.


Really nice pictures here!

Thanks @Ondrej!


Good picks!!👌🏻

So was 240 knots was butter is that what you mean lol 😂😂

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Nice pictures! If you’re unable to fly an airplane in a realistic manner or even find yourself unable to slow down in the moment it’s best to go around, slow down, and try again.

I hate to rain on your fun but 10/10 you would’ve been ghosted for landing at that speed in a controlled airport. Keep working at it and please use the resources available to better operate in a realistic environment!


Straight butter.😂😂


I know. I was just trying a new aircraft that I hadn’t before and it ended up turning out that way. Thanks for the heads up though.