FACT&RKSI Approach Session

Hello everyone, recently I controlled FACT(previous week) and RKSI Approach (this week). Both were the busy airports of the day,startegies were made to deal with the traffic and was executed well(?).
So here we will start.

FACT Approach

Strategy: FACT was using only one runway for takeoff and departure,hence needed at least 5-7nm spacing to give tower space to kick departures out along with arrivals. Many turns were implemented in the plan to manage spacings between the aircrafts as you’ll see later in the video.

RKSI Approach/Departure

Strategy: RKSI is one of the most capable Airport to handle traffic and managing the flow,due to presence of three runways and big terminal area. At the time, RKSI was using 33R and 34 for ldg while 33L was using for deps along with 34. All aircrafts from North/South were made to enter a normal Downwind pattern side for the runways they were being vectored for. Aircrafts coming from west had to cover an extra upwind leg. Some high callers were put into hold to burn altitudes. Worked well with the flow,and very few go arounds occured.

Thanks to my tower controllers for doing an amazing job in both sessions.

Stay tuned for many more videos like this!🙌😉

Special thanks to @Kamaniya for helping with me in videos editing and many more.


Cool to watch another time lapse from you!

I noticed that some pilots still need to learn how to intercept 🙄. Still an issue for ATC controllers to keep them away from the beside parallel approach path.

Anyway, traffic flow looks well organised. Fun airports to control.



Great work as always @Prashant_Divedi!


Thanks @Edivan_dcds And @lurker

Yess,they really need to learn.