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Since global launched I’ve noticed something very interesting.
Whenever IFATC is active in South Africa (my home country) there’s always been more traffic at FACT than at FAOR. Even now as I post this there are no inbounds to FAOR but FACT is a buzz with traffic.
Can you please help me understand why this is?
FAOR has better facilities and more gates than FACT and it handles loads more traffic in real life.
So why is FACT more popular than FAOR in IF?

Happy flying.

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Probably because it is sponsored in FNF events or in ATC schedules more than FOAR

The real question: FACT or FABLe

FABL is Bloemfontein airport near FAOR


It’s a fact that FACT is better than FAOR

pun intended


I prefer FACT because of the views. It’s a truly stunning bay and coastline.

However, I should also let you know that there is a glitch in IF where no matter the actual number of inbounds, the FAOR inbound count always reads zero. Even when the airport was packed for FNF, the inbound count still said zero. It’s a strange glitch, and we’ve brought it up to the devs.


As I remember it, FAOR was heavily trafficked back in 2018 on multiple occasions, although I can agree on that traffic has moved over to FACT, and is very persistent there, leaving FAOR dead empty, it still had a time when it used to be packed more so than FACT is now and there also was a time FAOR got featured in the ATC Schedule while FACT was nowhere to be mentioned. But that’s in the past, as we now have the whole crowd at Cape Town instead, with still a quite a good number of flight going to Johannesburg :)


I actually think that neither is more popular; FACT is a smaller airport, meaning that there will be less available gates, and with one runway, it’s hard to expedite traffic. FAOR has a lot more gates, and another runway. This makes it appear to be less busy.

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I did a flight from FACT to EGLL, but I think FACT has the more traffic, I’m not sure about it though, I haven’t flown over Africa that much

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In my opinion Cape Town is also a little bit more famous than Johannesburg. FAOR is somewhere inside the country and cant show beautiful and special scenery. In FACT we have the Coastline, the Mauntains and just the fact that more people notize Cape Town as a beautiful area and like it much more than Johannesburg


FACT as previously mentioned, has one of the most stunning sceneries in Infinite Flight, along with the best in Southern Africa.


I like Cape Town more. It just is a FACT that it is better 😉


Thank you for your feedback everyone. I appreciate your input.

I prefer FACT as the approach from either end is stunning.
FAOR thought is the gate way to Southern Africa and thus holds a reputaion for more international travel.
I could compare FACT to a Carribean airport and FAOR to something like EGLL, EDDM or LFPG.


FACT is more fun to fly out of in my opinion

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