Facing server issues

My app live server is keeping on connecting and disconnecting even though my internet connection is good. I am using IPAD PRO

I recommend restarting your iPad before you fly.

This is what fixed my crashing.

Here is the link of the video


Tried that also

@Rohann is this still continuing? I have hopped onto a live server (Expert) and I am fully connected.

That’s a bit weird

Everything on medium

Judging by the video, it seems to be app/device related. You mentioned that you restarted your device, have you restarted Infinite Flight?

yes Infinite Flight also restarted. The wierd part is that I completed a long haul around 2 hors back and it was fine.

Okay. While I was connected to the server I didn’t lose connection to the Live Server.

If you haven’t already, restart Infinite Flight and start another flight.

I tried that no luck, trying to reinstall the app now.

Before a reinstall, if you want to keep any replays download them to your device so you don’t lose them.

none are that important

The app is working after reinstalling it. Thanks for your help everyone.

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