Facing No active subscription found issue

I’m in open beta currently inflight. I was on mobile data. as I switched from mobile data to wifi a message popped up saying that I have no active subscription and then proceeded to disconnect me from the live server. weather, global server, and API service is green except for live server.is anyone facing the same?
Devs please help me I’m 1 and a half hour away from reaching Sydney.

Maybe this should be in the #open-beta

This could be because your subscription just ran out mid flight

i purchased my sub on 6th october

For any issues that relates to the Open Beta, please make sure to post that in #open-beta and follow the guidelines.

Experiencing issues during a Beta build is something you sign up for when joining the Open Beta program, support for those issues are not something that can be expected I’m afraid.
Please see pinned topics in #open-beta

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