Facets of Abu Dhabi (Etihad B773)

Wanted to catch this livery for super long, here my opportunity was! The contrast of the curved river and geometrical B773 livery perfectly make for a nice shot. If you ever wondered, the most current Etihad livery is called „Facets of Abu Dhabi“, knoweledge on the go.

Flight details

Route: OMAA - YSSY
Server: Expert Server
Flight time: 14h 20min

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As you might have noticed I added banners to all of my posts! Im enjoying posting on IFC a lot lately, therefore decided to put some effort into it. Both banners are fully self-designed from scratch. I tried to make them applicable for both light and dark interfaces! It will give future threads a structured look, hope you like them!

Feedback is super appreciated!

Interested in designs?

If you are in need of any design, pm me - cant guarantee I can help, but can guarantee I will try to

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That looks really nice? Do you know what area of the world that river is in?

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The river was in Papua-Neuguinea in a city called Merauke

Google Maps Coordinates

8°27’40"S 140°24’30"E · 10,3 m

The closest airport to it inside of Infinite Flight is WAKK

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Nice! Quite “dark” and “grey” though.

yeah, thats personal preference. I like simple minimalistic editing styles, that means I prefer minimizing the colors to a few. In this pic especially I wanted to let the golden color of the livery shine through, next pics will be more colorful again tho ;)

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