facebook login issue

hi all, i’ve an old subscribed facebook account on IF. but now i can’t log on into it and it says login cancelled. please help

Hello and welcome!

Could you confirm that you already had an account? And if so, did you have an active subscription?

Hello two options here that may help you:

  • Disable two factor authentication
  • Download Google Chrome from Play Store, set it as your default browser and try again.

i’ve tried both, it’s doesn’t work

affirmative, i have an account already and subsription before and now

When did you purchase this subscription? Which subscription choice was it? 1 month, 6 months, or 1 year?

it’s possible to transfer my flight log from prev account ?

See idea you could do here

i don’t have another devices, and my account wasn’t logged into another devices. my last sub was dec 2018 and this is my first subs after several months, or maybe my account was deleted ?

If you’re still having issues i know that you can’t set up a PM or anything like that, but maybe @schyllberg can help you since he’s the “App support”

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