Facebook login issue

I recently purchased a new device and i apparently can’t log back into my account… Any help is greatly appreciated… Thanks
PS : sorry if this is a repeated topic

This most likely happened because you were signed out of your account when making the purchase, causing your subscription to be assigned to an automatically created account.

Please tap your name in the top right corner, followed by “Logout”.
Then tap “Login” in the same corner. The app should then retrieve the account which your subscription is assigned to.

If you wish to transfer your subscription to your primary account, please let me know what display name + callsign it shows for the account that holds the subscription as well as the d.name+callsign for the account you want it to be assigned to.

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Oh great thanks…
Looks like that’s the mistake i had done…
If so, could you please transfer me to my earlier account

Current name and callsign - just my business Lan Cargo 003

Primary name and callsign - AFKLM Luke Around


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Thank you!

Transfer was successful :)
You should just need to restart your app and the subscription will be there.


Aaaaahhh sweet… Thank you so much @schyllberg … lovely 😃😃😁👏👏