Facebook Live Stream KLAX - KAVX

**1) Final approach photo with event details

**2) Departing Los Angeles Intl - Arriving Catalina Airport, Expert Server @ 1700Z Flight time estimated 00:44


JagroGaming - Home | Facebook Hit that follow for the live notification. Thank you and see you on board!


I believe this should be in #live:groupflights not in #screenshots-and-videos. Please change this to avoid being flagged…

No it shouldn’t. It should be in #live:groupflights. Because the flight is today and not in a formal fashion. If you aren’t sure next time do refrain from giving out false information (it helps keep our forum tidy and avoids confusion)


@JagroGaming enjoy your flight! Hope it is fun!

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Sorry yes, I meant #live:groupflights

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Someone told me this should be posted here yesterday?

I was told yesterday to post it here lol? Sorry I posted it in the wrong place I’ll move it however the stream didn’t go ahead due to technical issues :(

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Also, you can’ only post a #live:groupflights topic within 3 hours of your departure time. But for now, I’ll let it slide.

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Yes, now it is in the appropriate category however before it was in #screenshots-and-videos. Please verify the rules of categorical arrangement before posting… It also goes past the 3 hour rule so it should be flagged…

Please see the category information on how far in advance you are able to post your event in #live:groupflights. Thanks!