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Well, I have a very big issue, I have linked my IF account with my Facebook account, I really forgot my Facebook password and I just bought a new iPad but I can’t go in to my IF account, how can I get my account back? I have all the credit card information of course… please heeeelpp!!

You would have to change your Facebook password on the website or make a new one.

Well yes I understand that but my live pro go until October 10… so I mean is there anything I can do to recover that ? Or I just lose the next Fe with months ?

If you know the email associated with your Facebook account it should send you instructions on how to recover your password, after you click on “Forgot Password”

If you forgot your Facebook password, try recovering that first by clicking on “Forgot Password.”

If you fix your Facebook password and log back into IF with the correct information, just hit restore purchases, if it doesn’t do it automatically.

So are you wanting to repurchase live on the same account but cannot login from password authentication? If so, the only way to recover your account would have to be to reset the password

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