Facebook error

I’m having trouble connecting to the infinite flight via Facebook
-Can someone help me solve it?


If you see this problem you should research on what could it really mean.

A simple google search helped me find something. You will need to configure your profile settings.

“After a long time spend on Internet to search this issue. Finally I got the answer about it.

Login to Facebook account > Go to Privacy Setting > Click on Security tag on left side of Page > then Disable Secure browsing

Now Reset your simulator and and then Run application and again login it will work for sure”

Have it in mind that there are more answers found and some do not work. Let us know then about the progress.

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I did everything right but it is not going yet:(

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Can you log in through Facebook in safari or the app?

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I use Android

Then use the browser.


I have found a little more solutions to this issue. It’s simply a URL warning from Facebook that happens after a new software update.

Statement from Aaron Matthew Arnwine:

“Well, I think I figured it out myself. If anyone gets this message when using your Facebook login to log into an app, log into Facebook on your desktop/tablet, go to your apps list and remove the app from your list. Then go back to your phone and it should let you log in.”

Edit: Some also say to change or reset your Facebook password. There are still many solutions to look for.

did not solve anything

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