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I was just wondering why the community was online rather than Facebook. Was this community made before Facebook? Thank you.

This community was most likely made on the web via Discourse because it is easy to access and user friendly. I presume Facebook was not a option as limit amount of people have it and not many people want to create a account as well just for IFC. Remember there are younger people on IFC that don’t even have access to Social Media yet. So yes, And for your second question, no. Facebook has been around since 2004 and this community has been around a lot sooner that that. I don’t know the exact date but I’m guessing 2014-15 range.


Well, this is a forum, it’s more organized, probably more age appropriate, the admins on here actually know Infinite flight unlike some of the groups.


Ok that makes sense. I’ve only had IF for about 6 months now. And I love it.

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In other posts about ‘IF in the early days’, I read that IF used to only have Facebook, even before we had the forum as it is now. But we’re talking approx 4 years ago now. As mentioned, Facebook has it’s limitations and this forum serves our large community much better.

The IF Fan Group on Facebook is quite nice though. ‘Butter’ is the word you see mostly used there ;-)


I’ll debate you on that lol
While overall it’s an alright group, the admins are a completely different story. Unlike here.


Correct Mark. This is why it’s a fan page, and not a forum.


Would there be a point of creating a forum on Facebook? Or should I just stick to this one?

This is the main one. I believe it has over 50000 members, so I would stick here. But you can join the community over there as well

Yea. I think its gonna be hard to get 50000+ to move to Facebook. Lol

There’s pros and cons

The pro of this, it’s extremely organized, the FDS team talks to members on here and help out.
You can do request features on here. You can discuss real world aviation
It’s an active forum.
Help is from FDS

The cons:
It isn’t facebook lol

Now facebook groups are good for
posting pictures
Getting people fly with you.

The cons
When I was an admin on an FB post (Before the owner got upset and kicked a ton of admins)
FDS rarely communicated with people
Admins were extremely bias and didn’t play IF (Awkward right lol)
It isn’t as organized as a forum
Support help isn’t there unlike here

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As mentioned: Facebook is far from ideal for this. It was never designed as a Forum system.

I will stick to IFC forum and forget about creating one on Facebook. Thank you fellow pilots.


I’d like to say having it here is much better than Facebook. In my opinion Facebook is so user friendly compared to IG. People can also get exposed to unwanted things on Facebook. You can PM a mod if you want a thorough response.

Don’t quote me on this, but I remember @schyllberg saying once that there was a Facebook group but we switched to this forum to make it more age-appropriate and to have it more organized. Seb, can you confirm?

EDIT: It was @Marc, he said:


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