Facebook authentication not working

Tried connecting to live and had to reauthenticate via Facebook. Upon connecting, Facebook alerts that the Facebook app is in development mode

and spurs an infinite list of errors.

Using iPhone 6s iOS 10.3.2


I am having the same issue as @CapnDoug .

Having the same issue as well, the other thread on this topic was closed, not sure why though…

It was solved for the OP. It appears this is trending so we’ll leave open briefly. Please allow us some time to investigate the issue.

We’d prefer to not mass transfer people’s accounts to Google if this is a simple fix. Laura has been alerted. Thanks for your patience!


I am also part of the trend, just had the same issue. Authentication error.

Don’t know if the device matters but I’m on the S8+.

It should now be fixed; can you confirm? let us know if you are still having issues.


Works for me, thanks FDS!


Good to go Here! Thanks for the expedient fix FDS😊 cheers!

Many thanks! Works like a charm