Facebook account no longer exists

DI had a level 4 account on a Facebook account which doesn’t exist anymore I renewed my subscription and did so on a Google and its lvl 1. Is there anyway to retrieve my account

How is this related to Infinite Flight exactly? Also, can’t you just google it… 🙃

What are you talking about

He means that he had a Facebook account, that had a Grade 4 Live account linked to it. It no longer exists, so he has switched to Google, and now has Grade 1.

You unfortunately cannot transfer information between live accounts. Sorry.

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Ok here is your issue.
You no longer use Facebook so the account for infinite flight was cancelled yes?

So you’ve made a Google account.
Unfortunately there is no way to recover your account (I think) because they are on two seperate platforms.

@david should be able to help you with this


@David said that it can be done in another topic

Yes, I can. Please send me your full user name (not email) last used call sign, and receipt copy for the subscription purchase. Preferably via our Support Site then select “Contact Support”.

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