[Facebook account needed]KATL 2018 Summer Spotting trip

This is late but last summer I got to spend 2 or 3 days at karl. Here are some pictures from my trip. I know theres a few photos that aren’t spotting related mixed in but i cant remove them easily so just ignore them. Hope yall like the pictures.I cant do the videos. They aren’t loading up.

Screenshot_20181222-230157_Photos Screenshot_20181222-225928_Facebook Screenshot_20181222-225936_Facebook



I can’t see any of them unless I log into Facebook. Perhaps post the originals.


I cant. I’d have to re load them to my phone and then post em all and theres TONS so i cant. This is the best way.

Why so many links?

I cant put all pics in thread and there not “on” my phone. There in a facebook album cause I had no space.

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Maybe a Dropbox or Google Drive folder would work better?

I cant do those.

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I would recommend next time just uploading the pictures into a drive first, since some members (including me) would like to see the pictures, and don’t want to make an account.


Hold on i found a way to put un up there.

What spot were you spotting in?

wow. suppried this post is still up. and i was on the 10th floor at the renisance that looks lime stairs right by the maintenance pad and the fbo wasnt to far further down.

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Thanks! I’ll have to try that sometime

Yep I had some GREAT views. Just wish the 74s were. loser but oh well.

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No spotting trip is a bad spotting trip at KATL as I say 😂

Yeah. For sure.

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