Face Palm Moments of Infinite flight

Hey everyone,

So Today I want to know what are moments in Infinite Flight that just made you Face Palm.

My Story starts 5 years ago when I was a wee lil’ lad (saying that made me face palm) when I didn’t know anything about planes. I was on my final approach, and I was 10 feet off the ground and I realized “Wait, where are the wheels?” and you know the rest.

Anyways, what are your stories, love to hear them! Thanks again!


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I crashed (actually connection issues) while @anon66442947 was holding short. 🤦‍♂️


I have…

Crashed in front of Mark

Landed with 100% thrust and no reverse thrust

Taken off without clearance

I have learned from my experiences.

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Well. I was on expert practicing t&g’s at klax. After about 15 I started getting tired so I forgot to lower the speed. And flaps… and gear… I lower my gear on a 1 mile final. Put the power to 0. Apply flight spoilers. Apply full flaps. And I lose 100 airspeed in 5 seconds. I stall. I crash. And it was all on tape by the atc. Who btw. Is a pilot at my va at the time… Most embarrassing time EVER!! Lol.

I have too. Lol. So embarrassing.

I fell asleep during some live knuc touch n goes. That was more like a semi-conscious facephone cause my phone literally fell on my face because of the position I was playing.