Fab brazil

Hello! I searched but, I didn’t find any related topic.
I come here to express a desire and be the voice of many Brazilians, I imagine how cool it would be to have the aircraft of our army and also the creation of the unforgettable EMB120. I see that there are several requests for old paintings, but, I believe that IF would have triple members with active lives than it has today.
We have the 747 of the US presidency, it would be cool to work to develop painting of the presidential aircraft of each country. this would attract a lot of people to the IF.

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Hiya! Thanks for expressing your thoughts! You can support the EMB 120 in making its way to infinite flight by voting in the topic below as it’s the easiest way to show your support. As for presidential liveries, once your rank up to trust level two feel more than free to create a request in #features on certain liveries in efforts to get it created within the simulator! If you have any questions at all let me know. :)