FAA Written Exam Advice (Update: I passed!)


I’ll be taking the FAA written exam for my private pilot license soon.

Anyone here who’s taken it, do you have any advice for once you’re in the room, taking the test?



I would get one of these books, it helped me study a lot

My number one recommendation is stay calm and take your time


I would honestly recommend you find a website that has the whole question bank and go through them and memorize them. your best bet is to do that saves you time on the calculation problems.


Thanks! My ground school had one of these

thanks but then when I become a pilot I’ll have zero actual knowledge lol

Update: I passed! My score was 80% (passing is 70%)

I’ll be honest I didn’t use the test prep book. I took practice tests and studied Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook a little. Basically I learned everything a little at a time, did a little book work, and completed Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

One of my weak areas was airspace classes. I learned more about airspace’s in a Wikipedia article the night before than I did with all other formal videos, and it paid off because I got airspace questions correct 😂


Congrats mate!!!

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Congrats on passing!

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Congratulations @SWAviator !

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