FAA updates Commercial pilot check ride

If you are taking your Single Engine Commercial check ride, you do not need to use a complex aircraft anymore, you still need 10hours in a complex aircraft.

FAA streamlining SE Comm no more complex aircraft requirement for ACS/PTS! bit.ly/NoComplex 61.129(a)(3)(ii) still requires 10 hr experience.!


Hmm. Not entirely sure I agree with this update. I would think that it would still need to be demonstrated to a DPE (Designated Pilot Examiner).

Essentially what this means is that you can do your CSEL in a Cessna 182RG. But for the check ride use a Cessna 172 and not have to demonstrate how to use the features of a complex aircraft. 🤨

That’s what I’m understanding.


Several of my friends did that, they rented the Piper Arrow and demonstrated they knew how to do it then went to a 172 and finished it out.

I think it’ll be like a tail endorsement, you don’t need show a DPE you can operate a tail wheel but a CFI must check you off.

That’s a good way to look at it.

When I got my initial commercial I did it in a more unconventional way. I first got my CMEL first before the CSEL. Most folks will do commercial single then multi. Doing commercial in a multi not only gave me the initial commercial with the complex but the multi rating at the same time. Only had to learn one type of complex as opposed to two. I can’t really think of any multi’s with fixed landing gear. The single was only an add-on and as a result I was able to use a 172.

But if you put it in the way as you did with the tailwheel endorsement, it sounds like it could be more of a sign-off.

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I know one guy who did that also.
I also know a guy who used an amphib Beaver and a 185 on skis to get their commercial rating.

The way I view it is like an endorsement so we shall see how this works! It’ll make stuff cheaper for sure!


I guess this makes it easier on @N1DG and I when we get and start working on our commercial

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