FAA to introduce new Pilot Discipline System by 2020

Earlier today the FAA announced at a private news conference they would be replacing the dreaded “call to the tower” with a much simpler option. By 2020 the FAA will have introduced its new ghosting policy at all ATC facilities in the US. Along with this, all Airbus aircraft will be banned to prevent pilots from avoiding this system. Boeing has been working with the FAA to create a system that automatically takes the aircraft to the nearest airport and lands itself. This new system will be widely popular among pilots!


I swear if one more posts an April Fools topic…

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This is classic lol 😂

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I would still prefer landing myself.

why FAA, whyyyyyy. 😭

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This is 100% real!

banning airbus aircrafts yet having Boeing aircrafts land themselves! what an irony LOL

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They already do if you know what I mean. (plz don’t take that the wrong way, its all in good fun)

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I swear if one more joke I will deactivate this account

just kidding ^^

I think you’ve already used your one April Fools card on the tasteless crash topic.