FAA to boost safety oversight of SWA after flying dangerous aircraft

Southwest Airlines to get boosted FAA oversight after they fly ~17.2 million passengers with 150,000 flights on potentiality dangerous aircraft.



Southwest Airlines, known for being the friendly, low-cost airline that anyone can fly with, is now going to have boosted FAA oversight after using 88 aircraft that they bought from other operators which may not have met US aviation regulation standards and has unconfirmed maintenance records.

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A government watchdog released a report that says Southwest Airlines has flown ~17.2 million passengers on ~150,000 flights with 88 potentially dangerous aircraft. The report also hits the FAA saying that they failed to “effectively overseen Southwest Airlines" according to the report. It “added that FAA has not given its inspectors enough guidance on reviewing risk assessments and evaluating an airline’s safety culture.”, from AP news. The report continues and outlines 11 rules that the FAA could put in place to improve the oversight of Southwest Airlines. The FAA agreed to all 11 of the recommendations and vowed to implement them. The government investigator began to work on this case after a fatal Southwest Airlines accident in April 2018. Since the report and knowledge of the report by the FAA Southwest has repaired or proved the safety of 80 of 88 planes flagged as potentially dangerous. Eight planes remain out of service as Southwest performs heavy maintenance checks on the aircraft. The Report targets a FAA method of letting Airlines oversee their own internal systems/operations. It says, “FAA inspectors don’t evaluate whether carriers have adequately addressed risks in these programs…”


  • Southwest Airlines was found, in report by the Department of Transportation, to have been using aircraft they bought from other operators with potential safety risks.
  • Southwest Airlines have flown ~17 Million passengers on these 88 faulty aircraft.
  • Report suggests 11 rules to be implemented to better oversee Southwest Airlines.
  • Report bashes FAA policies saying “Given the significant unresolved safety concerns that FAA has identified at Southwest Airlines, it is clear that the agency is not yet effectively navigating the balance between industry collaboration and managing safety risks at the carrier…".
  • FAA to implement 11 new safety regulation for Southwest Airlines and oversee their operations better.

Not sure how your seeing that. Even though it hardly means there unsafe, it’s definitely bad PR…


Ohh my bad sorry


Not too good for Southwest’s image to the public. Just hope these potentially dangerous planes turn out to be ok to fly on after the maintenance checks.

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It’s a shame how it’s all brushed over until someone dies due to their poor practices and the FAA’s exceptionally large oversight.

The Max scandal was no different.


Dang. That’s a lot of flights. Hope this all gets sorted out

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As I fly on Southwest quite frequently, this does make me a little uneasy. Hope fully they will make sure everything is okay with their aircraft.

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It’s my understanding this has nothing to do with the death they had, did I misunderstand something?


According to one of the articles, the investigator started the investigation into SWA and how the FAA handles regulating airlines because of the SWA accident


I suppose, so maybe it’s not entirely unrelated, but that actual oversight is for something else entirely…


Depends. Considering how extensive the problems are, it’s awfully coincidental that it all comes to light after there is a fatal death onboard one of their aircraft.


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