FAA restricts airspace

The FAA has just banned US-registered aircraft and US commercial operators from flying over or into the airspace of Persian Gulf, Gulf of Oman, Iran, and Iraq. Here’s the documents form this tweet also my source.


Not good as it means longer, more inefficient routing for airliners but better safe than sorry!


Better safe than sorry. Tensions between the US and Iran aren’t the best right now


I heard the US has deployed Kc-135s near the air bases that were struck. Don’t know what -135s are gonna do they are used for air refueling.

Edit: B52’s not Kc-135s


I think we should keep away from politics as much as possible but this is best for everyone’s safety


This isn’t much politics the FAA has shut down the airspace I’m talking about the US military dispatching aircraft to the airbases struck.
No offense but not once was politics mentioned in this topic


Singapore Airlines is avoiding the airspace as well


Now that I’m thinking about it, does this even affect U.S. airlines?

Delta and United flying to Mumbai/Delhi will likely take a more polar route or fly from the east crossing East Asia instead of Central Asia/Europe

I don’t think any other flight operated by a U.S. carrier flies above Iran?


Nope. DL and UA is it. Tel Aviv (DL) is probably the closest but it’s out of the restricted airspace


The US is deploying a bunch of stuff.


Pretty sure it only affects Delta, because sometimes they’ll fly over the Persian Gulf and maybe into Oman’s airspace en route to Mumbai. Both of United’s flights from Newark to India fly close to Iceland and above Pakistan, rather than over Northern Africa/the Middle East, and United’s flight from San Francisco flies over Greenland, so pretty far up.

Also, United flies to Tel Aviv as well, from San Francisco, Washington, and Newark, but it won’t affect their flights ;)


Actually, DEL to SFO in United is flown from the Pacific and comes from Myanmar before heading up towards japan and bring strait and flying across the pacific.

It really depends on the conditions:

Jan 6:

Jan 4:

Delta goes to India but I don’t think it goes over any of the areas

Usually it’s over the Pacific. Inaugural flight of United was that and Air India goes that way as well. But yep, it also depends on weather, but usually it’s from Pacific.

FedEx and UPS have cargo operations in the Middle East. They have a base in Dubai and would be flying over these airspaces if heading westbound to Europe or the US.


Never forget the cargo… 😂


Sometimes, but it also can fly towards the West, then north and then all the way up to Russia, close to the North Pole, and then down towards Canada, and over Washington and Oregon.

Also, I was talking about San Francisco to Delhi, not the other way :)

I know, was just thinking of mentioned how the return routes are different…


Aside from what just happened, Tehran Airport appears to be operating normally…

Turkish A330 IKA-IST just took off.

It looks like British Airways is diverting flights.