FAA needs more drone regulatations

I was at a airshow this weekend down in florida and they had the blue angels a couple aerobatic things and the coast guard doin some cool stuff. the airshow was on the beach in pensacola we were stayin near there (not saying where) when a drone not a military drone a private drone i report it come to find out the guy is spying on people in swim suits (like i said we were near the beach) i like the idea of a drone but im not to fond of the drone spying on people. FAA WORKERS IF YOUR READING THIS PLEAES MAKE MORE REGULATIONS


I doubt this is the place to reccomend FAA regulations on drones


I doubt the FAA are here.


yeah but you never know

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How about going to the FAA website and find an email to contact them directly rather than posting on an Internet forum and hoping some FAA employee randomly reads your post?


Drones are well regulated, LOS flying is the rule just FPV has nothing to do with fpv flying.

Sounds pretty authoritarian if you ask me ;)

I broadcast video for a football team (as another hobby, incase you haven’t seen my profile pic), and I’m currently trying to organize a way to use a commercial-quality drone as another camera (sky-cam). Even with today’s regulations, it’s not always easy to get an approval that will let you fly a drone over a stadium full of people!

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There would be specific procedures. Minimum & maximum altitude, only in the air if there definitely won’t be a punt kick, etc… That’s not the big issue though :)

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U are not allowed to fly over peoples heads dude

The end goal is to fly behind the endzones where nobody is standing. We have two cameras in the press box, and two on the field (on the same side). This would give us a side perspective, an extra angle to show cool plays (or field goals)

I posted this after another near miss incident

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