FAA investigating HEMs pilot for falling asleep



The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating allegations that the pilot of an emergency medical helicopter fell asleep at the controls with a patient aboard, officials said.

According to a statement from the FAA, the pilot was flying a Boston MedFlight helicopter from Martha’s Vineyard to a Boston-area hospital on June 24 when the alleged incident occurred.

Boston MedFlight indicated that the pilot overflew a designated helipad. The company said the trip was eventually completed successfully and no one was injured.

Boston MedFlight chief executive Maura Hughes said in a statement that the company found fatigue was a factor and is working with a fatigue management consultant and safety consultant to review company policies and procedures.

The pilot no longer works for Boston MedFlight. The company says it flies more than 1,840 critical care transport missions annually.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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He was just sleepy. You can’t blame him… :D

Anyways, this is rather interesting.

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This is very interesting, how can he fall asleep in a Helicopter? 🚁

Turn auto pilot on and asleep!

Pilot fatigue a very real thing sadly.


Just questioning myself:

How and why does this still happen - it shouldn’t!!

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Specially for those who are medivac Pilots, it’s really sad this is a thing


He was tired. I mean, if I flew for extended periods of time, I would get tired too.

Agreed. They probably have the worst schedule in the aviation industry

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24 hrs on call? Yep… I really hope he doesn’t lose his job and the feds actually mandate rest more


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