FAA Downgrades Mexico Air Safety Rating

An AeroMexico 787 taxis to parking at Madrid - Jose I. Soria Via Jetphotos

On Tuesday the United States Federal Aviation Agency downgraded Mexico’s aviation safety rating to a Category II. Based on two ratings (Cat. I & Cat. II), Category II implies the country’s laws or regulations lack the necessary requirements to oversee the country’s air carriers in accordance with the minimum international safety standards. Other countries that are category II include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Malaysia. Sources briefed on the matter, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the FAA has had lengthy talks with Mexican aviation regulators about its concerns. The sources said these concerns had not all been addressed following an in-country assessment.

This downgrade means that Mexican airlines may no longer create new routes to the United States. They are only allowed to operate existing routes. Along with that, airlines with codeshares are also no longer allowed to sell and market those routes under the names of American airlines. This most significantly impacts Delta who sells Aeromexico codeshared routes.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Monday said his country’s aviation follows all international norms and standards and that an American threat to downgrade Mexico’s air safety designation is intended to benefit U.S. air carriers.

“We feel that this decision should not be carried out because we’re up to date. It can be proven that there are no pending issues. However, there are interests. Because those who benefit from a move like this are airlines from the United States.”


Not really a good move imo. I’m sure they have their reasons though. Were there any specific reasons they downgraded the rating? Hope it’s not political


Noticed that yesterday. What a shame for me, and some of the mexicans. (since Im mexican.)

Also, this happened before back in 2010


Don’t think it’s political. US-Mexico tensions have been very low and almost non-existent recently. If the US has safety concerns though I wonder how the EU regulators might react. Hopefully the matter will get resolved quickly. Indonesia experienced a far worse safety related ban on flying to the EU because of safety concerns and got that resolved pretty quickly, so hopefully Mexico can get this over with quickly too.


LOL. The 787 in the picture is the 787 that had a bird strike during takeoff in Cancun, and this is a topic about a safety rating 😂


Oh I had no idea, just added it as sort of a stock image ha ha!


Must have been a big bird 😆

Now that’s really sad😭 I hope that the FAA will reconsider their decisions.

Looked into it a bit more and apparently, the FAA made their decision following a review done late last year - early this year (OCT20 - FEB21). They say they downgraded Mexico’s rating due to Mexico’s oversight of airlines, not specific issues with carriers. Interested to see how this plays out for Delta since they have a nice partnership with AeroMexico.

Also, the FAA is “fully committed to helping the Mexican aviation authority improve its safety oversight system to a level that meets ICAO standards,” which… we’ll see what happens there.


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