FAA center in Leesburg Fire

This is right down the road from me as I fly out of Leesburg Airport. Pretty insane


Looks like it could cause major (not too major) delays…

@Rodney_Buckland… MaxSez: KJYO Leesburg Exec. Small world. Was the Ramp Boss & Fueler at the FBO (Sparks Aviation) there in the 90’s. Appers the FBO has changed hand a few times.
Was a bzy field with lotsa tie downs and hanger space in my day. It was my my first gigs after retirements from the Corps. Fun job, the FOB went bankrupt and I moved on to DCA’s Ramp for a period. Have family in Great Falls. Let talk sometime about the area & flying in that crowded airspace now with its Restrictions by PM some time. Regards, Max


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