FAA category:Super/Heavy on Expert server !

This is a great topic, I have seen too many CRJ’s with callsign heavy. Just takes away from the realism.

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We have a special category for it but it would never append heavy to the callsign

I know they use heavy but do I need to always put heavy on my call sign when flying the aircraft s listed above?

You should use callsign ### heavy when flying any of the aircraft listed above, other then the 757, which is in no category, or the A380, under the super category.

Out side USA too?

I’m not sure about outside the US, but probably

I see this really as a personal choice

How is it a personal choice?


Well in the real world that’s not how it works lol


Or just have the app automatically append heavy or super when flying appropriate aircraft instead of making it user selectable.


Great post, surprised something like this hasn’t been made before.
@Aquila check out this: Callsign HEAVY & SUPER allocated by IF automatically

Sure it is a sim, but i thought on the expert server it should simulate the real world. If you have a look into the interim accident report of the accident between an A380 and a CL600 you might change your opinion about “personal choice”.


looks like a duck too

787 has a warning that the MTOW does not exceed 136 t. I have to override it.

Yes but I don’t see the game punishing us because we put heavy or super in our call sign @N1RG @anon93248082

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It’s not! He was just giving some information no how to be MORE realistic with the those words. I wish the game would tbh

I would be down, but it also doesn’t really make a difference though.

Just out of curiosity would a fully loaded 747-8F not be a super also ?? Such as a Cargolux or not ??

no, the 747-8 has been designated a heavy by the ICAO, although it could fall under the super category.


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