FAA category:Super/Heavy on Expert server !


please, everybody who is flying on the expert server: Pay attention to your FAA weight category behind your callsign. There is no Boeing 737 or CRJ-900 with a callsign SUPER or HEAVY! The only aircraft (in IF)that have the FAA:

Category SUPER are :
Airbus A380-800

Category HEAVY are:
Airbus A330,340.350
Boeing 747,767,777,787

Boeing 757 is classified as LARGE aircraft, but has to be handled by ATC as HEAVY. See below post.

Most have it completely wrong or just forgot to add the right category.
If your Aircraft has a max. take off weight of 136t / 300.000 lbs or greater it is mandatory for all flight phases except en route to add HEAVY on your initial call behind your callsign.If you are flying the A380: Add SUPER. Your ATC controller can then decide to continue the communication with you without adding HEAVY or SUPER. If your ATC controller decides to drop the category then you also should not continue with it. If you change the frequency of course, i.e. from GRD to TWR, you must add the category after your call sign again

I think this really should be observed when flying as an “expert”.


Pardon, but the AN-225 is not in IF, although it is a great topic.


The 757 is not considered heavy anymore.

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The 757 is not a heavy BUT ATC still treats it as a heavy because of the wake the engines produce

So it’s a heavy haha

if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…


By FAA definition of a “heavy” it is not. But it is because of the thrust it puts out and the wake behind it

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Yes you are right i forgot about the AN225, it is not part of IF.
And yes you are right the 757 is now a LARGE category aircraft but should be handled by ATC as HEAVY so yes you are right i remove it from the list .

The FAA stated in its notice N JO 7110.525, effective April 8,2010:

This notice amends Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Order JO 7110.65, Air Traffic Control, Appendix A, Aircraft Information Fixed-Wing Aircraft, to address the reclassification of Boeing 757 (B757) aircraft and the reclassification of the “Heavy” aircraft weight class.

Appendix A is being revised to harmonize FAA weight category
standards with those of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). All aircraft that weigh
more than 41,000 pounds, maximum certificated takeoff weight, up to but not including
300,000 pounds, will now be classified as a “Large” aircraft according to FAA standards. Aircraft capable of takeoff weights of 300,000 pounds or more, whether or not they are operating at this weight during a particular phase of flight, will now be classified as a “Heavy” aircraft according to FAA and
ICAO weight classification standards.

This change reclassifies all B757 aircraft as “Large” aircraft; however, controllers are required to apply the special wake turbulence separation criteria as specified in paragraph 5-5-4.

Youre 100% correct, I was just pointing out that it’s an ATC heavy but not an FAA heavy. I should have said that differently!

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I think the use of the designators after the flight number is something that many people get wrong. It might help if the “are you sure?” notifications didn’t come up for A330, 787 etc given they are Heavy aircraft, as you can get a bit used to clicking OK. As for the whole “Flight of X” fiasco…

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This is a great topic, I have seen too many CRJ’s with callsign heavy. Just takes away from the realism.

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We have a special category for it but it would never append heavy to the callsign

I know they use heavy but do I need to always put heavy on my call sign when flying the aircraft s listed above?

You should use callsign ### heavy when flying any of the aircraft listed above, other then the 757, which is in no category, or the A380, under the super category.

Out side USA too?

I’m not sure about outside the US, but probably

I see this really as a personal choice

How is it a personal choice?


Well in the real world that’s not how it works lol


Or just have the app automatically append heavy or super when flying appropriate aircraft instead of making it user selectable.


Great post, surprised something like this hasn’t been made before.
@Aquila check out this: Callsign HEAVY & SUPER allocated by IF automatically