FAA ATC Playground Group

Would anybody be interested in joining a Playground ATC group? I’m thinking about starting one.


Hello, recently i saw a Japanese guy creating a playground ATC group too.

I joined it but i have not seen any planned activities yet. Perhaps you can organize with him? He created a simple website for his group.

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There was indeed this group created, but I found the website was not easy to follow IMHO, perhaps two groups might not be a problem.

Well, it’s not going to be a problem at all. However, it is wasting of time isn’t it?
It is good to start up, but if there is two group and don’t have connection not quite efficient. What they do is their business, but if we can cooporate, would be better for everyone.

I’ll work on it.

We wouldn’t infringe on your operations. We would control regions besides SoCal because everybody is on it. I’ll work on it and look at your forms so we won’t overlap

Well, I don’t mind what you do. We might not be in socal frequently unless we get more members. Anyway, if something happen we could help each other.

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