FAA ATC Open Bid - January 2020

Have you always wanted to be a real-world air traffic controller? Starting on January 24, 2020, the FAA will be opening an off the street bid for anyone who wants to join. No prior experience necessary - only three years’ worth of work, college, or a mix of both are needed to qualify (on top of medical testing, questionnaires, etc).

Feel free to discuss this here. Even if you only have a passing interest, opportunities like those don’t come by often.


You mean college, right?

Wow that a great opportunity 😯


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Yeah, this statement couldn’t be more true. This is not something that happens very often. Would recommend those interested, sending in the application even if you have the slightest of interest. You never know, they may offer you a slot at the academy and become part of a group of individuals controlling one of the most advanced airspace systems.


I cannot become an ATC officer, nor do I really want to at this time. But this is a very rare opportunity, super rare — it’s a great opportunity for people who want to become ATC officers. I wish I don’t have to pass this up, but I really can’t do it, but it’s a great opportunity, I can’t say that enough.

Additionally, the application process is not the same as in other career fields. You do not have to be ready to quit everything at a moment’s notice (relatively speaking) because of the lengthy steps involved. There are people who are still waiting for academy slots well over a year after sending their applications in.

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If only my 14 year old self could become an air traffic controller. I think this shows more demand for things in aviation. They say it’s never been a better time to become a pilot and the Air Force actually needs pilots. This is interesting for sure.

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