FA-22 "Raptor" Rework

Me who has done 1266x the speed of light

I pretty much teleported to Mars at this point

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Why go the speed of light when you can screw over the laws of physics 10x over

The laws of physics get thrown out the window when you use the F-22. Specifically around Mach 2 in the Grand Canyon where collision just stops working and you find yourself suddenly at a negative altitude

As much as I wish this plane would be reworked I doubt it will happen anytime soon, not only due to the low amount of votes but also the classified information and specifics of the Raptor Program


Bump for IF fastest aircraft

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This aircraft is my favorite.
Most of my routes in infinite flight were done in casual server with the f22. Hope it gets reworked soon :)

Voted! We definitely need this in IF!