FA-22 "Raptor" Rework

Voted. I think outer detail needs to be improved drastically, but the rest is actually classified lol

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i do love using this aircraft in solo mode nice to get some great scenic clips

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Right with you on the detail part. Looking at it externally, it doesn’t really perfect the shape of the Raptor.

The full cockpit functionality is classified, as it works with the sensitive sensor fusion system, but there are actual google images of it fully energized, and I believe there is a video showing hud symbology and a F-22 simulator trainer with a working cockpit. These should give the devs an idea on how to redesign the cockpit and make it work with at least a PFD, a radar screen with blips (like the TCAS), engine monitors and the two standby screens up top.

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Yes, this needs to happen

Heard people recently are bumping military aircraft up. Gonna tell ‘em this guy needs to be made awesome again.


Agreed, just cleared a vote for this!

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Speaks softly but carries a big stick 😎. She definitely needs a rework as well! Guess I’ll bump this one everyday as well.💁‍♂️

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Daily bump. I have attached a picture of the F-22 instrument panels at night. See anything?

I don’t either. Vote to get her updated.

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Since when did you get the clearance? You probably should be dead by now 😂😂😂

The secrets I keep lol.

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We need this! Photo Credit: Mine

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We need this I wanted to be an F 22 pilot. Since I was four sad what they’ve done to this aircraft would be nice if it had more realistic physics opening cockpit A life cockpit actual after burner flame and the supersonic boom

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Same here. Ever since Dayton Airshow ‘08. 6 years at the time. Just gotta know that it’s high competition to get one. Work your ends off in AFROTC/USAFA or OTS, get a slot, follow, learn and lead at UPT/ENJJPT, Survive IFF and do good in B-Course. But, if you want a Gen 5 Fighter you may likely find yourself in the similar F-35, but here’s the catch: it’s more technologically advanced.

I would also like them to add the F 35 but the F 35 is more of a fighter bomber and the F 22 is a dog fighter

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And I love the F-22 it’s given top speed is Mach 2.5 but who knows it might be classified and go even faster and higher than the given specifications

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Let me paint you a picture.

This was made in 1997

Photocredit: F22 Raptor PC

Awesome game for its time. Check it out seriously.

It’s 2020 we are better than this. Give the raptor back it’s air superiority because we dont dominate adversaries with 757 or 737s👏🏻😉 #vote22 #releasethebeast #stealthwins #notonyourradar #accalltheway #airpowersheretostay #wearemilaviators

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Daily Bump.

Roses are Red, The F-22 is really ghost Gray. No really, it is ghost gray…


#releasethebeast #stealthwins #notonyourradar #accalltheway #airpowersheretostay #wearemilaviators

Possible liveries for the F 22
7th fighter squadron Holloman Air Force Base.
19th fighter squadron Hickman Air Force Base
27th fighter squadron Langley Air Force Base
43rd fighter squadron Tyndall Air Force Base
90th fighter squadron Elmendorf Air Force Base
93rd fighter squadron Langley Air Force Base
94th fighter squadron Tyndall Air Force Base
149th fighter squadron Virginia ANG
199th fighter squadron Hawaii ANG
301st fighter squadron Tyndall Air Force Base
302nd fighter squadron Elmendorf Air Force Base


I voted. We need this so I can buzz KLAX on CS for a longer time…jk

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