FA-22 "Raptor" Rework

With so many reworks happening I looked to ensure if Infinite Flight’s and the USAF’s air superiority fighter had been requested to be reworked. So here we are, while the basic role out of the FA-22 “Raptor” in this sim was awesome, I think many would agree it needs some variety of fresh liveries/schemes and just a little TLC to the aircraft as well such as options for external tanks. While this airframe is not in use internationally with other airforces, it is employed by a multitude of active duty and reserve/guard USAF squadron inventories to include Hickam AFB (ANG), Elmendorf AFB (AD).

Below is the official United States Air Force fact sheet for the FA-22.

Primary function: air dominance, multi-role fighter
Contractor: Lockheed-Martin, Boeing
Power plant: two Pratt & Whitney F119-PW-100 turbofan engines with afterburners and two-dimensional thrust vectoring nozzles.
Thrust: 35,000-pound class (each engine)
Wingspan: 44 feet, 6 inches (13.6 meters)
Length: 62 feet, 1 inch (18.9 meters)
Height: 16 feet, 8 inches (5.1 meters)
Weight: 43,340 pounds (19,700 kilograms)
Maximum takeoff weight: 83,500 pounds (38,000 kilograms)
Fuel capacity: internal: 18,000 pounds (8,200 kilograms); with 2 external wing fuel tanks: 26,000 pounds (11,900 kilograms)
Payload: same as armament air-to-air or air-to-ground loadouts; with or without two external wing fuel tanks.
Speed: mach two class with supercruise capability
Range: more than 1,850 miles ferry range with two external wing fuel tanks (1,600 nautical miles)
Ceiling: above 50,000 feet (15 kilometers)
Armament: one M61A2 20-millimeter cannon with 480 rounds, internal side weapon bays carriage of two AIM-9 infrared (heat seeking) air-to-air missiles and internal main weapon bays carriage of six AIM-120 radar-guided air-to-air missiles (air-to-air loadout) or two 1,000-pound GBU-32 JDAMs and two AIM-120 radar-guided air-to-air missiles (air-to-ground loadout)
Crew: one
Unit cost: $143 million
Initial operating capability: December 2005
Inventory: total force, 183

Site credit: F-22 Raptor > U.S. Air Force > Fact Sheet Display

Please let’s get some votes to revive this amazing and phenomenal modern marvel of military aviation. Thank you for your consideration. Cheers IFC!

Image credit: Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor - USA - Air Force | Aviation Photo #4947151 | Airliners.net

I wonder how we could get accurate flight physics of this aircraft? Overall great request.


Completely endorse this, would love to see some outer pylons with fuel tanks on the raptor.


Thank you for this Topic.

In my opinion, the Raptor Needs another small Physics tweak along with some variants. While it handles way better now for entry Level Jet pilots, its a Little weird behaving on the borderline to the stall or on hard maneuvers with the Elevator. It tends to shake before going into a continuous radius finding its Corner. In my opinion, the old variant of the Raptor was top notch. One really had to master it, and if you could, possibilities were endless with some Major sort of skill. You could even let it Dance on its own exhaust power.

Dont wanna brag or some sort of it, but thats just another example of what this plane was capable of before. Now its so hard it gets frustrating to try ( -hard ) :



I’m bumping this up. I need this thing to happen! Accurate control surface functions, a pilot in the cockpit and yes, more accurate flight physics will do it for me! 👍🏻


I could imagine what it would look like…


Too good
A reworked F22 to imagine is just stunning


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I think I figured out what the Raptor needs to stop flipping erratically. Its advanced Flight Control System.

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Bumping this again. I still have hopes for her 😁

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Bump. Have no idea how I haven’t seen this yet, but definitely voting for this now.

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Defently voting

I can imagine the casual server plagued by F-22


It’s always been that way 😂😂😂


Don’t forget to vote Nate! I know you want to do it 😜

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Yep. Just put a vote in. How could I forget 😂

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Voted YES!! Thank you Mr Sneed!!!

The F-22 graphics quality is not as good as all the planes released in 2015 and later. It requires a lot of work to be remodeled with a lot of animated parts, pilot and working instruments just like the A-10, as well as the animated visor.

I respectfully disagree. The F-22 is an aircraft that’s meant to be flown, not gawped at. Adding loads of animated parts, working instruments and an ultra detailed model with ultra high definition textures would make it look great in screenshots but would severely impact the experience of actually flying it.

This is exactly what happened with the reworked A-10, an aircraft which is now almost impossible for me to work with due to low frame rate. I would be happy if the F-22 got a physics rework and kept the current aircraft model, with an optional new high quality version selectable in settings.

I’m sure it can go well over Mach two and well above 50,000… just a secret as to how high and fast.

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I actually almost don’t want this. I like the current physics of the f22, even if it isn’t totally realistic. Right now it is a great plane for exploring.

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