FA-18E Super Hornet Su-57 Livery

VFC-12 - Red 12 FA-18E SU-57 Livery

This particular jets belongs to
This Feature request is for a particular FA-18E Super Hornet livery which is painted like the Russian SU-57 Felon fighter jet Fighter Squadron Composite 12 out of Naval Air station Oceana located in Virginia, USA.
The squadron is dubbed the Fighting Omar’s and - Mottos include - Kill the fleet along with the radio callsign Ambush

A little bit more about the squadron is, the squadron is nicknamed an aggressor squadron which test the readiness and preparedness in case of an attack and keeps other fighter squadrons up to date.

I hope you take time to read and vote please and thank you!
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A little bump since this has been dead for a minute,

Tbh is livery would be a great addition and could help greatly as people could simulate dogfights and could give Russian fans a little bit of light

He looks beautiful, take my vote

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Definitely bumping this this would be fun to chase my brother down with he could be the Americans and I could be the Russians or we could do practice dog fights that would be pretty fun especially with the afterburners

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Haha, we need it!

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