F6F Hellcat

This plane was a key component to WWII shooting down thousands of aircraft, I recently built a model of this plane and i love the look and of it.

Credit: Wikipedia.org


Crew: 1
Length: 33’ 7" (10.24 m)
Wingspan: 42’ 10" (13.06 m)
Height: 13’ 1" (3.99 m)
Wing Area 334 ft sq (31 m sq)
Empty Weight: 9,238 lb (4,190 kg)
Loaded Weight: 12,598 lb (5,714 kg)
Max Takeoff Weight: 15,415 lb (6,990 kg)
Fuel Capacity: 250 us gal (946 L) internal; 3 x 150 us gal (568 L) external drop tanks (those would be cool)
Power plant: 1 x Pratt & Whitney R-28000-10W “Double Wasp” 2,200 hp


Max Speed: 330 knots (391 mph,629 km/h)
Stall Speed: 73 knots (84 mph, 135 km/h)
Combat Radius: 820 nmi (945 mi, 1,520 km)
Ferry range: 1,330 nmi (1,530 mi, 2,460 km)
Service Ceiling: 37,300 ft (11,370 m)
Takeoff Roll: 799 ft (244 m)


Guns: 6 x .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 Browning machine guns with 400 round each
2 x .79 in (20 mm) AN/M2 cannon with 225 rounds per gun and 4 .50 M2 Browning
Rockets: 6 x 5 in (127 mm) HVARs or
2 x 11 3/4 in (298 mm) Tiny Tim
Bombs: up to 4,000 (1,814 kg) full load

So, this would be cool is also Infinite flight introduced Dogfighting requests to have fun with friends with P-38 or Spitfire or P-51 or F-18 and F-14 and F-16 and F-22 so on
If there is a flaw this is my first features request and please tell me the flaw or just close it, I did spend a lot of time with this so, I’d be so happy if this could join those propeller planes at the bottom :D

Would go great with the F4U and F8F.

The Buffalo is an aircraft even more important.
It made the second world war make a high turn when that plane was produced. It had to replace the old biplane F3A (I guess it’s how it’s called) but had to be mass produced at very low cost. It was a really capable plane that destroyed many targets at that time. Then came the F6F and F8F, less important aircrafts impo

I really want this!!! Come on guys, isn’t it cool?

Too much work making the physics and model for just 2/3 guys flying it occasionally

2/3 Of people flying it is a lot if you look at all these community members

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Yeah, I love the dihedral on it

He means 2 or 3 people

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@Boeing747-8… MaxSez: No votes left or you’d get one. Fine airplane. Please check your research the “Shot down thousands” is a stretch"!

EDIT:Nvm it was the most successful fighter of WWII shooting down over 5k planes (75% of the US Navy)
Yeah, that’s a small problem

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Fine model, took a lot of glue, yet looks beautiful 😃

Very cool! Now it’s time to make it fly.

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Idk if we will get it though

The best carrier fighter of World War ll, the Hellcat built on the earlier success of Grumman’s F4F Wildcat and was responsible for destroying 5156 enemy aircraft in aerial combat - 75 per cent of all U.S. Navy victories in the conflict.