F4U Corsair

Great U.S. Navy plane


Yes please!!! How about VMF-214 markings? Who wouldn’t like to pretend to fly with the black sheep? Gotta love Pappy!

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Thank you for the requests. Each is opened exactly as the Features category description asks.

Why the heck not its a beautiful plane and we already have some wwii planes

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Elijah, the game has not many WWII planes and I wanted more such as P-40, P-47, P-51D, P-59, P-61, and P-80 too after the P-38.

Lol who doesn’t?

Classics classics classics!

Brining this one back up we need this aircraft in the game

Sadly it isn’t very specific on the variant and it doesn’t follow the features guidelines.

Oh I know still brining this back up and if the mods close it then I’ll reopen it with a new one

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