F35C Demo Oshkosh 2023

Decided to spend some time going through my Oshkosh photos and discovered some of the F35C Demo Team photos that I took hope. I you enjoy them!

Canon SX60

Location: Somewhere at KOSH

F35 With contrails on the wing tips and a lit afterburner

High-G Turn with afterburner

Photo pass of the F35

Another High-G climb but this time without the air friction

Another photo pass

Which was the best?

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
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Very nice shots Griff!

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Awesome shots! Had the pleasure of seeing the F-35 demo twice myself (assuming this is the same pilot). It’s a stunning display. Great job!

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Got to see this when I was there, very cool shots!

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Very very cool shots! I’m glad I was able to see the f35 demo as well last year in Belgium

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Great shots on a great fighter!

Amazing shots, but it look’s like they were in a photoshop or something. I mean Photo 4 for example… The sky look unnormal dark,

F-35… There are better fighters on this Planet.

I didn’t say it was the best even though I think it is

SU-57 for example is way faster. Mach 1.7. Is s little bit slow for a Fighter jet.

The f35 isn’t meant for speed and it isn’t the most impt part of a fighter

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This was one of my first times using Lightroom to add/remove light so I might’ve got a little overkill but I’ll remember that for the future.

clean shots 👌

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Yeah the F35 was meant for stealth not speed or dogfighting as seen by its thrust to weight ratio the F16 for example could beat a F35 in a dogfight but as long as they are beyond the horizon of each other the 35 will win

And it’s stealth technology is so good, as seen in the pilots helmet
It’s also very versatile, the f35b can take off vertically

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Well…A fighter jet should be fast. And there are still problems with the F-35. Rhe Eurofighter is way better.

Not if it’s stealthy

The shots you took are amazing… making that bird look good.

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Which is better

  • F35!! :)
  • No. :(((((
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Well. The SU-57 also has stealth technology but it’s way faster.