F35B Fighter Jet

OK I know the developers are not too keen on helicopters but surely a vertical capable jet could possibly be on the cards right?

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The plastic yet that burned more than ten bazillian dollars? Nope, not really.


The F35B has been declared operational… So what do you mean not really?

operational? Bwahahahahahaha. That thing sadly doesn’t even beat an old F16.

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Ummmmmmmmmmm do you not know what advantage the F35B has over the F16?

It can also hover sending hot air downwards which confuses Heat seeking missiles.

Duplicate topic

Yikes :P Don’t believe what you see in Hollywood movies!! Hovering is solely a function of landing. Once the 35B is in the air, there is almost no difference to the A and C variant. Just a minor sacrifice of payloads and fuel capacity.

F-35B “Fighter Jet”? More like are “Piece of crap can barley call it a jet jet” .

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I bet that if you spent some time with the jet, it would change your opinion. I hated it at first, but in time came to appreciate it for what it is… A jet for the “iPad Generation”… Excellere Contende

Looks pretty cool doing a vertical landing… Just saying…

How many trillians of dollars did you guys pay just to make it go up and down and even this it won’t really do properly?

I can go up and down properly.

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Did you fly her in the alloy? Have you ever heard of an event in time known as the Falkland war?

No I don’t follow. Is that another game or simulator?

Did you fly her in real life? Falkland war was a war between the Falkland Islands and England. Sorry I wasn’t clear before but the AV/8 Harrier was invaluable to the English as heat seeking missiles had a hard time chasing them as they hovered.