F35 soon/ want your Opinion please

I would like for all of your guys opinions on something that has been on my mind is why don’t we get the F35 a jet that is more new in this world and could get a whole remodel put into Infinite Flight but Infinite Would like to remodel the F18 I am not hatting on the jet but I think after the A220 was recently put into the game that our military planes like the F22 should be first in my opinion , I think more people fly than the F22 than the other jets in the game I don’t know if this is true but I see more F22 than any other jet

Again please don’t take this post down and I just want people option on what jet they would rather have and what plane they would rather have remodeled or put in place

Another thing is I think infinite should choose 5 plane and make a pole and post it and whatever has the most votes that plane or jet is the next major update in this game

This is getting closed in 1 minute, that’s my guess


I think we don’t have the F-35 yet because it is so new and doesn’t have very many operators yet.

Also, sorry to be that guy, but you could definitely find the feature requests for any aircraft you want and show your support there! :)

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Everything I try to post gets taken down I don’t know why 😤😢

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For this topic, it’s because we have a #features category. If you want to see the F-35 added to the simulator, go and vote for the feature request if there is one! Show your support by adding a comment there. About the poll you’re mentioning where the community decides about an airplane: They exist. The A220 was community choice. So was the 777. Or the A330! 🗳

Have a nice day 😊