F22A external fuel tanks option

Just an idea for a future option. With Global comming out in the near future, I wonder if it would be possible to add an external tank option for the FA22A. Though I am not certain of the fuel capacity the F22A will hold in global, I do know that when the F22A is preparing for long tracks such as a deployment or cross ocean travel they use external fuel tanks to supplement fuel and to save on timely fuel stops in order to expedite the employment of the weapons system. I know this seems like a trivual matter as most of us will likely not be hand holding the F22A on an 6 or 8 hour sortie. But then again Im sure some will. Just a thought, happy landings.

Cheers IFC.


Good topic for a request, you’ll never find out the accurate playtime of a 22 either due to its classification! I’ll vote once another frees up 👍🏼


This would be awesome, I know that the F-14 has the External tanks option in the game so wondering if you’ll actually be able to take on more fuel when equipped.


Love it! Just love it! An amazing idea! Great photo too.