F22 User Data Poll - Part 2 | Rotate speed

To be fair, I never said where I was going to put the polls. Or even mentioned making other topics. I just don’t want to do all of the polls at once.

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Alright gents (and ladies too) here is the next poll of the series. This one is asking for the approximate ROTATE speed when taking off with flaps on the first setting (not retracted). I would like at least 40 votes to keep the sample sizes similar. Please do not vote if you do not have any experience with the F22.

  • Less than 120kts
  • 120kts - 129kts
  • 130kts - 139kts
  • 140kts - 149kts
  • 150kts - 159kts
  • 160kts - 169kts
  • 170kts - 179kts
  • 180kts or higher

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You can rotate at 150 with 70% of throttle ;-)

Guys, its rotating speed. Not self lifting in the air. Note that the gear, better said the whole airframe isnt level when on the ground. Thats why it takes off by itself if youre fast enough. If you rotate, and thats what hes asking for, you get airborne way earlier.


This poll is closed everyone! New one on monday.

Rather strange poll. I was thinking more of how much do you use the Raptor.

Like I have mentioned before, the goal of all of this is to get a user guide for the f22 made from nothing but user data. Because the f22 can be difficult for most to master, having the guide based off of user data will make it that much easier to learn how to fly the aircraft.


I missed your poll…but l am fairly experienced with the F22 Raptor…my second fav next to the F14…and l have found that it is relatively easy to land it if you keep a constant approach speed of about 130 to 140 kts…and then kill the throttle right before you touchdown…and raise the nose proportionately…until you touchdown lightly on your rear wheels and then on your front gear at between 110 and 120 kts…if you practice enough to learn the technique instinctively and time your stall . you will almost float down to the runway… and IMHO… the taildraggers are more of a challenge… particularly in strong wind gusts…as far as takeoff …you only need about 50% throttle speed to get to 120 to 150 kts…due to its quick reaction time…

rotation is for taking off, you’re thinking of a flare

The last line of my comment covers that…in any case with that fighter… it is crucial to have the rotation proportionate with the angle of ascent to maintain control and equilibrium…

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