F22 User Data Poll - Part 2 | Rotate speed

We all know the F22 can be hard to for some to master. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be making a few more polls to gather some user data about the aircraft. Once I have all the data needed, it will get analyzed and I will make a user guide for the F22.

For this poll, I would like to know the SLOWEST speed at which you have landed the F22. If you would like to give the specific speed for the option that you have voted for, feel free to comment. Healthy discussion is always welcomed as well.

  • Less than 130kts
  • 130kts - 139kts
  • 140kts - 149kts
  • 150kts - 159kts
  • 160kts - 169kts
  • 170kts - 179kts
  • 180kts or higher

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The next poll on rotate speed is posted down below in the comments because discourse won’t let me put it up here.


@Nichalas_Petranek… MaxSez: Interesting Poll. Suggest you start it off with user data. Appear the 22 has a limited following. Credit goes to the Sync Guys who broke the code on its IF dynamics. Since it’s performance characteristics are classified in the RW Sync’s input based on their multiple IF sorties would be most helpful & creditable.

I do agree that Aerosync would provide some useful data regarding the F22. I will be sure to get in touch with @Overspeed for some info as well.


I will contact you tomorrow and help you out. Interesting stuff.


Just 2 more votes before I close this poll. I would like to have 40 total votes to have a good sample size

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135 knots seem to be good landing speed for F22, below 130 knots it starts to stall out.

Are you just pulling that stat out of speculation or have you actually accomplished this? I’m not going to use speculation.

Fighters has small wing and they aren’t light at all for small aircraft so they have to land at high speed. They actually land at same speed as commercial planes.

@K3v1nxu you just proved, apart from you saying so, that you don’t even fly the F22 because that aircraft doesn’t have a configurable weight and balance. You’ve also proved that you probably shouldnt be offering input because of your lack of experience with the aircraft. I’m sorry but your vote will not included with my data analysis and compilation.

The whole point of this project is to gather data from people that have experience with the F22 and create a user guide from that data to make it easier for inexperienced people, like yourself, to master the aircraft.

As for you pulling the “just because you’re a regular” card, let me stop you right there. While I did say that healthy discussion is always welcome, there are still implicit limitations to context. This topic asks for data, facts, not speculation. Why? Speculation isn’t useful for a user guide. It’s not about me being a regular, it’s about common sense and logic.


Your flag has been served. 😉

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In due time young sir. Can’t ask too many questions. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Landing Poll closed gents! Thank you for the input and another one inbound on monday!

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ha, try flying an F22 anything lower than 130. The wings are designed too go fast, not produce lift, and stall at maybe 120? You are just speculating clearly as it’s straight up impossible to do that

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One good tip : Do not contribute if you dont have even the smallest idea on how the F22 flies.

Small aircraft

The F22 is not a small aircraft.

I would say the landing speed would be around 90 kts to 100kts

This is complete bs. Sorry but you seemingly havent ever flown the F22.

Even a commercial aircraft like the a320 or B737 has a landing speed of aroudn 120- 130 kts

The wing of the F22 doesnt have the tiniest similarities and characteristics like a commercial airliner. Sorry but this is so wrong to compare those.

This is still about the F22, a completely, completely different kind of aircraft.

Once again, dont contribute if you cant contribute in a wise manner to this topic.The fighters in Infinite Flight are as good comparable with the F22 like pineapples and an empty bottle of beer.

Also, completely wrong. Sorry buddy, you are completely wrong. No more comment on this.

It doesnt, because you compare pineapples with an empty bottle of beer, once again. Just because the aircraft is smaller, the landing speed is slower. Thats how you argue. You never even set wings in comparison, wing stress and I dont even wanna go on, its hilarious.

Just because you have flown a fighter once in IF you cant contribute in a wise manner to this topic.

Dont spread wrong information, thats what you do. You give the OP wrong data for his collection.[quote=“K3v1nxu, post:9, topic:114549”]
“Healthy discussion is always welcomed as well.”

It is, true, but you need to base your arguments on facts, not thoughts and speculation.

Again, just a random statement from you.

F22 doesnt have that option if you looked once.

You again compare pineapples with an empty bottle of beer.

Once can not stall a bit. Theres no transition between stalling and airflow. when airflow cuts, it cuts. Its that easy.

It is not. It just is not.

@Nichalas_Petranek , as I mentioned before, I can provide you any data. I ( we ) have flown this bird so often, I think I really have a good idea on how to fly this bird.


In order to prove my expertise, just watch some of these videos :

The rotation speed is higher than you say what the landing speed is. Does that make any sense ? Nope. You’re wrong.
As you can see, the aircraft is barely going straight since its highly unstable on low speeds. Not to mention your estimated landing speed. Even during a harrier the speed often rises to 90kts, if you dont know what that is, watch this :

Dont mix up my groundspeed and airspeed in the status bar. Its a completely different thing in this kind of flying status.

As you can see for example in this video, I stall the aircraft with a lot higher speed than you estimate. And we are not talking about a high speed stall here.

One tip : Please do not contribute to the OPs data polls anymore, I will continue to invalidate your arguments, since I really wanna help here. Your “suggestions and speculations” do not help.

And now show me how you can do that with a F18 or A10. Completely incomparable.
In the end of the second video, you clearly can see how unstable it is even going 200kts.

Over and out,
self appointed raptor pro :p


Well done if you land the Raptor at 130kts 👏

Personally I land at 140kts because below he begin crazy (with my phone).

REKTification :

You can land the Raptor below 130 :D

please don’t rate my landing c:

@Overspeed @Insertusernamehere @DeerCrusher @Nichalas_Petranek

I apologize for sharing my opinion out there. I never wanted it to disrespect anyone. Hopefully we can let this go an move on :) Have a good day


For you:

SR22 = F22 xDDDD

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Why not just make 1 topic with all of the polls?