F22’s crazy hover



How does F22 do this crazy moves??


Not gonna lie, probably magic


A thrust to weight ratio just less than 1:1, and a darn good pilot. Not to mention, the thrust vectoring is essential to remaining in control for that, most planes would stall at the top, and fall like a piece of paper…


If you would like to learn something like that in Infinite Flight check out this topic:

Yeah it’s thrust vectoring. Jets need this to hover. Props just need a rudder behind the engine and the moving air from the engine over the rudder allows the rudder to control the plane

I’m familiar with this move. It’s called a Tailslide. In terms of IF’s Raptor physics, it’s one of the easiest tricks in the book. All you do is stall and hold the nose up with your engines, and recover whenever you want. In reality it’s the hardest maneuver to do (Lt.Col “Loco” has said it himself). You’re fighting a flight control system that wants to bring the nose down and making careful rudder movements. It’s one of the maneuvers that could in fact turn into a flat spin if something goes out of parameters.


Yes I tried it a lot and it was spinning and falling.
I’m going to try again because F22 is my favourite plane on if and in real life!

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You read my mind. Perhaps I’ll see you at Langley, Tyndall or Elmendorf a few decades down the line?

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