F22 landing

Can someone explain me how to land correctly and soft an F-22.




Approach at about 140ish knots, and put down flaps slowly.

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And the flaring?

Don’t flare too much. Keep the throttle on about 5% while on short final, and idle it when flaring.

K perfect thanks

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Approach speed is roughly 140 kts as @the_simulation_nerd has mentioned. I usually try and keep the flare as last minute as possible. I find that to get a long-ish flare requires perfect speed.

If your speed is slightly too fast - with the nature of the F22 - you could end up floating down half the runway. If you’re too slow, you just fall. You have to nail the speed if you don’t do the flare last second, otherwise either one of these may happen. I just try to keep the plane as level as possible as long as possible, and then just practice getting the timing right and flare just at the end so you land nicely on your back gear.

I hope I made sense xD


Yeah. Perfect sense. Thanks for the advice

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